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We are experiencing and contemplating a rapidly-shifting world, concerned for issues of justice and human safety, and ever more aware of the space between our “outer” and “inner” worlds. Mindful of this context, we have invited composers to write for the project whose experience reveals a voice we want to hear from now.

Eddie Codrington (Kalamazoo, MI) Recipient of the ASCAP Foundation Herb Alpert Young Jazz Composer Award in 2019 and 2020, Codrington is a saxophonist, composer and producer. Well-versed in MIDI, he brings an ear for bridging genres including jazz, hip-hop, electronica and classical. 

Alexandra Gardner (Baltimore, MD) With considerable experience writing for acoustic and electronic instruments including a piece for marimba and tape, Gardner was Composer-in-Residence for the Seattle Symphony’s 2017-18 season. The Washington Post described her music as “mesmerizing.” 

Jennifer Hruska (Arlington, MA)  Along with composing and performing music across a range of genres, Hruska has an extensive background in musical software development and was the senior sound designer on multiple Kurzweil models. She teaches music technology at Berklee College of Music. 

Steven Mackey (Princeton, NJ)  A composer and electric guitarist, Mackey frequently includes vernacular influences in his concert music. Professor of Composition at Princeton University, he is a Grammy-winning composer lauded for his “explosive and ethereal imagination.” (Gramophone)

Jessica Mays (Denver, CO) A composer, pianist and singer-songwriter, Mays manages the New York Philharmonic Very Young Composer (YVC) program. Born in Denver, CO, her music has been performed by numerous ensembles including the New York Philharmonic and the Lune Lake ensemble.

Threshold Music Project

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