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Berklee is a multi-faceted performing arts institution. Berklee College of Music (Boston, Massachusetts campus) has about 4500 students. Each year, the school presents over 1500 performances and events.

The Percussion Department consists of 36 faculty, each of whom teaches a specialized area, and over 500 students across six "principal instruments” that include Orchestral Percussion and Marimba. As far as we know, Berklee is the only institution in the world that offers specialized study in marimba at the undergraduate level.

Generally, the Orchestral Percussion curriculum is geared toward developing well-rounded classical freelancers. The College has a Film Scoring Studio Orchestra and Percussion Ensemble courses. Berklee College of Music students may audition to play with classical performing groups at Boston Conservatory at Berklee such as the Orchestra, Wind Ensemble and Percussion Ensemble. Marimba principals focus on performing solo and chamber (small group) pieces, but may also elect any of the above.

Students are accepted on a principal instrumnent. By the end of their second semester, they declare a majorStudents can major in Performance, Film Scoring, Music Production and Engineering, Music Business, or Music Therapy, to name a few. It is also an option to choose a double major: for example, Performance and Music Business - which takes ten semesters (rather than eight) to complete. The College offers the option of attending during a summer semester (which is just 12 weeks, but counts as a full semester) for students who wish to shorten their number of years in school.

Nancy teaches private marimba lessons, Marimba Ensemble 2, Marimba Ensemble 3, Marimba in Mixed Chamber Music Ensemble, and Marimba Transcriptions and Repertoire Lab, directs a concert of student performances each semester. Here is a complete list of percussion courses.

Admission to Berklee College of Music or Boston Conservatory at Berklee require separate applications and auditions. If you are deciding whether to audition at one, the other, or both, here are some distinctions:
- Distinguishing Between Our Music Programs
- More distinctions between music programs (available soon)


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Upcoming Percussion Events - Boston

Ways to refer to Berklee College of Music:
- “the College”
- “BCM” (in some written documents)
- “Berklee” (informally, regarding the Boston campus)

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