* composed for Nancy

~ adapted by Nancy

+ recorded by Nancy

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Marimba Solos

Aldridge, Robert - From My Little Island *+

Andriessen, Louis - Woodpecker *

Bach, J.S. - Largo (from Sonata No. 3 for Unaccompanied Violin) ~+

Beethoven, Ludwig van - Bagatelle 1. from Eleven Bagatelles, Op. 119

Bley, Carla - Over There +

Davies, Peter Maxwell - Farewell to Stromness

Dessner, Bryce - Tromp Miniature

Ellington, Duke - Morning Glory ~+

Friedman, David - Valse Binaire *

Jenkins, Karl (adapt. Nanae Mimura) - Hymn

Hersch, Fred - Pastorale (to Robert Schumann) ~

Kernis, Aaron Jay - Ciacona (from Partita for guitar)


Lansky, Paul - Three Moves *+

Levitan, Daniel - Marimba Suite #2 - mvmt. 1

Mackey, Steven - See Ya Thursday *+

Mays, Lyle - Mindwalk *+

Oliver, Harold - Fantasia (on Come Where My Love Lies Dreaming by Stephen Foster)

Schuller, Gunther - Marimbology *+

Simon, Paul - Amulet *+

Skempton, Howard - Image for piano - Prelude 1

Spencer, Julie - Chelsea Window

Thomas, Andrew - Merlin +

Vega, Suzanne - Gypsy ~+

Zeltsman, Nancy - Black Velvet +

Andrew Thomas, composer:

Thank you for your beautiful performance of Merlin which brought tears to my eyes.

Chamber Music

Adams, Steve - Owed t`Don (w/vln) *+

Aldridge, Robert - Threedance (w/vln, tabla) *+

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Alfonso, Curet (arr. Christos Rafalides) - La Esencia del Guaguanco (vibes, 2 mba/4 players)

Barber, Samuel (adapt. Jeremy Barnett) - Excursions, Op. 20 - mvmt. III (mba. duo)

Blanco, Leo - La Resistencia (w/vln)

Fine, Irving - Music for Piano (mba duo)

Igoa, Enrique - Estudio VI "Secuencias" (w/vln) *

Lansky, Paul - Six Years Ago, Monday (w/vln, electronics) *

Mackey, Steven - Feels So Baaad (w/vln, elec.gtr, perc) *+

Messiaen, Olivier - Poemes pour mi (excerpts, w/cl) ~+

Psathas, John - Ukiyo (w/vibes, electronics)

Schuller, Gunther - Phantasmata (w/vln) *+

Sessions, Roger - Sonata No. 1 for piano (mba duo) ~

Snowden, Steven - Through the Looking Glass (w/vln, electronics) *+

Thomas, Michael Tilson - Island Music (2 solo mba, 2 tutti mba, 2 perc) *

Wahlund, Ben - In the History of Man ... (w/drum set)

Zeltsman, Nancy - Woodcuts (After Satie) (solo mba, 2 perc, 2 vocalists)

Paul Lansky, composer:

I was comfortable, successful, and imagined sailing happily into senior citizenship doing nothing more than sitting at home in my bathrobe crafting sounds on my computer." But several performers--notably Nancy Zeltsman, the marimba player, and David Starobin, the guitarist--offered commissions in the mid-90s, planting the seeds of his conversion. It was a daunting prospect.

"But as I settled in, I began to revel at the miracle. My job was just to put little dots down on a page, and these gifted performers would generate incredible results.

-from the New York Times article by Daniel J. Wakin: A Computer-Music Man Unplugs (8/3/08)-

Top photo: Martha Zeltsman
Middle photo: Claudia Hansen
Bottom photo: Emory Hensley, 2016 Tennessee Day of Percussion

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