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Recommended Solo Marimba Repertoire

Some of Nancy's favorite marimba solos, listed by level of difficulty.

Recommended Videos

Videos featuring mallet artists and other great musicians.

April 2016 - Nancy has become a Pearl/Adams artist. She recommends the Alpha model marimba made by Adams Musical Instruments (in The Netherlands) which are represented in the U.S. by Pearl Corporation.

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Nancy with the prototype Adams
Alpha Z marimba at PASIC 201

Encore black transparent

Encore Mallets / Nancy Zeltsman Series

Eight graduated mallets are popular around the world to capture the warm, fundamental-rich sound Nancy favors. They feature fairly weighty heads consisting of latex-wrapped disc cores wrapped with soft Peruvian wool yarn. Made in Lewisville, Texas. Available from Steve Weiss Music.

Most performers on percussion instruments...use hard the lower registers. Through this practice the deeper frequencies naturally disappear and the higher overtones stand out strongly. In order to realise precise pitches over the full is necessary for performers to use suitable mallets for each ocatve and each passage." - Percy Grainger in 1926! (researched by Laurent Warnier)

['Die Erganzung der Schlagwerkgruppe im Orchester, Pult und Taktstock, 3/1 (Jan. 1926), 5-9, trans. Bruce Clunies Ross.]

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The Zeltsman Approach to Traditional Classic Portraiture

Nancy's father, Joe Zeltsman (1908-2008), was a renowned portrait photographer who owned a studio and also taught seminars for many years about his (self-taught) approach to portraiture. He influenced thousands of photographers including these two masters: his dear friend and protege Monte Zucker (L), and Monte's protege Clay Blackburn (R).

Photo of Nancy: Claudia Hansen

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