Goldie & Donald Marrs (c. 1980)

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Two of the most important teachers in Nancy's life. Goldie Marrs approached Nancy (age 12) at a 6th grade fair, having heard she was a fairly accomplished pianist, to ask if she would be interested in taking up percussion to play in the Brooklawn Junior High School band the next year. Goldie was that band's director (in Parsippany, New Jersey). Percussion? It was an idea that otherwise would have never entered Zeltsman's mind.

Nancy attended the Mount Tabor Summer Band program that summer, directed by Donald Marrs, and after a couple hours trying out timpani and xylophone, was hooked on percussion. Donald Marrs (1918-2011), director of the Parsippany Hills High School Concert Band, with whom Nancy worked closely during her four years of high school, has to be one of the most effective, inpirational, influential high school music teachers there ever was.

Goldie and Don were happily married for 70 years.

Photo: Joe Zeltsman

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