Four-Mallet Marimba Playing (Zeltsman's method book)

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Published by Hal Leonard Corporation. Released in 2003. Available from Steve Weiss Music.

Suitable for players of all levels. Offers guidelines for mallet selection, four-mallet grip, strokes, tone production, rolls, stickings, phrasing, building a personal repertoire, and many other topics.

Includes 50 studies for developing musicianship and technique; 18 adapted solos appropriate for recitals, auditions or juries; and examples from, and commentary on, six advanced solo and chamber works.

Errata (PDF) for the 1st edition-nothing indicated above ISBN # on inside title page

Errata (PDF) for the 2nd edition-"Revised Edition" above ISBN # on inside title page

Errata (PDF) for the 3rd edition

Errata (PDF) for the 4th edition

Errata (PDF) for the 5th edition

Errata (PDF) for the 6th edition

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